If you want an industry to keep tabs on throughout 2016, then you need to look no further than the tech start-up industry in Canada. Over the past few years, a wealth of investment has been sent the way of new tech companies in Canada. 2016 seems to be the year that all of this is going to pay off. Lets take a look at a couple of companies that you really should be keeping your eyes on.



Every car made since 1996 has a diagnostic port installed. Now, the vast majority of people will not be able to use that diagnostic port as they don’t have the right equipment to use it. That, in the past, has been limited to mechanics who are willing to spend a healthy sum of cash on the right equipment. That is about to change with the introduction of Mojio.

Mojio is a small device which hooks right into your vehicle. It can keep you up to date on a wealth of different things. For example, it will tell you when you need to take your vehicle in for maintenance, or even if your vehicle needs to be recalled. In addition to this, if there is a problem with your vehicle, it will provide you with the diagnostic information that you need. This means that you will be able to tell whether you can fix it yourself, or if you need to go to an expert to get the problem rectified. On top of all of that, much like a smartphone, you will be able to download apps to your device which offer a whole host of different possibilities.

Why is this a company to ‘watch out for’?

Well, they have just managed to score $2.5 million in funding which will bring the product to mass market. I predict it will sell incredibly well. After all, the car care market is vast. With lofty fees at repair shops a growing number of people seem to want to carry out maintenance on their own cars, and this product makes things so much easier.




Figure 1

This is a rather simple app which has been dubbed as the ‘Instagram for Doctors’. This app allows healthcare professionals to share medical images and make comments on them. It could very much be seen as a teaching tool that can greatly improve the medical industry. At the moment, there are over half a million healthcare professionals and students using the app. Patient privacy is also guaranteed, so there is no need to get your panties in a bunch.

Why do I predict that this will be a success?

Well, apart from obtaining a decent amount of funding recently, I feel that this is a tool which will be beneficial to the medical community as a whole. Medical research thrives on education and collaboration. However, up until recently, there was not really a centralized source for it all. Now there is. You can bet your bottom dollar that once the marketing for this app begins, professionals and students will be signing up in droves.

Do you know of a Canadian Tech company that we should feature?  Let us know!

By Ryan Gillam – Ryan is a freelance writer who has been published all over the internet.  He is a British native, and is currently living in Sweden.

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