The Transportation Safety Board of Canada released its investigation report Wednesday into a 2011 crash that killed two people and injured two others.  The deadly accident involved a Cessna 208B Caravan operated by Air Tindi Ltd. that went down near Lutsel K’e, Northwest Territories.

The Cessna Caravan departed from Yellowknife to Lutsel K’e, Northwest Territories, with one pilot and three passengers aboard. When the flight did not arrive on time, a search was launched, and the aircraft was found 26 nautical miles west of Lutsel K’e on high terrain near the crest of Pehtei Peninsula.


The pilot and one passenger were already fatally injured when rescuers arrived, and the two other passengers were seriously injured. The emergency locator transmitter signal had not been activated leading to a delay in response time.

The aircraft was flown at low altitude into an area of low forward visibility, which prevented the pilot from seeing and avoiding terrain.

Toxicology testing revealed that concentrations of cannabinoids found in the pilot’s bloodstream were sufficient to have impaired pilot performance and decision-making during the flight.

Air Tindi has taken measures to improve safety since the incident, they have installed cockpit imaging and flight data monitoring devices in its Cessna 208B fleet, and have introducing random drug and alcohol tests for employees in safety-sensitive positions.

The ELT manufacturer has also made changes to its ELT designs to improve signal detection, and they have revised the instructions on how to secure ELT installations properly in aircraft.

The two deceased are Pilot Matthew Bromley 28, and passenger Tim Harris 54.

SOURCE:  Transportation Safety Board of Canada


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