Expert QA

Is a low-carb diet really the best way to lose weight?

By Erin Palinski for Life & Beauty Weekly


Low-carb diets can be very tempting because they allow you to shed pounds quickly and see virtually immediate results. But going without carbohydrates indefinitely isn’t conducive to a well-balanced diet or to long-term weight loss. Yes, you’ll lose water weight, but when you inevitably go back to eating bread, rice and sugar, the pounds will come right back on.

With that said, a short-term

plan that’s low on carbs can be helpful if you think a quick jump-start will inspire you to stick to a more long-term weight loss regimen afterward. Once you’ve lost those first 5 pounds, move on to a healthy eating plan that includes swapping out “the white stuff” (white bread, pasta and rice) for healthier options—like whole-grain bread and pasta, as well as brown

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