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I always feel a little blue around New Year’s Eve, especially when I feel I haven’t accomplished much in the past year. How can I get over this feeling?

By Irene S. Levine for Life & Beauty Weekly


Between the mythology that everything should be perfect during the holidays, plus pressure to take a mental inventory of the last year and kick bad habits starting January 1, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little down when the ball drops. But a few simple strategies will put you in a positive place throughout the holiday season and into the new year.

First, make some festive plans for the holidays, but don’t over-plan or try to do too much. Also consider looking for ways that you can reach out and bring cheer to others by volunteering, giving or donating.

If you do want to set goals for the new year, make them realistic and
achievable — for instance, rather than aiming to lose 50 pounds in eight
weeks, try resolving to eat more healthily all year. (Don’t use unrealistic expectations
as an excuse for sabotaging your holidays.) And finally, focus on the good
relationships and experiences in your life, rather than things. That’s what
really matters during the holiday season — and

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