A few weeks ago, a YouTube video was released by IFHT entitled “How To Be A Vancouverite.” The video is pretty spot-on and hilarious. After living in and experiencing much of the city and its people  for the past eight months, here’s a longer list of my version on…


  • Have a smoothie for breakfast
  • Invest in a bicycle
  • Ride said investment to work
  • Hell, ride it everywhere
  • Practice yoga
  • Talk about how much yoga you do
  • Bonus points for hot yoga
  • Invest in an umbrella
  • Don’t use your umbrella ’cause jeez, no REAL Vancouverite needs an umbrella
  • Eat a lot of kale
  • Bonus points if you put kale in your smoothie
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Incorporate “Meatless Mondays” into your Healthy Lifestyle
  • Bonus points if you go completely vegetarian
  • Extraextra bonus points for vegan
  • Indulge in the cafe culture
  • Go to every craft brewery in the city, and out of the city
  • Bonus points for brining up your favourite beer at every opportunity
  • Extraextra bonus points if you brew your own beer

These are just a few observations I’ve had over the past few months. Does your Canadian city have any cliche things that people do?

Check out the YouTube video here: YouTube Preview Image

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