Traffic for any new website seems at first like an unattainable mirage.  It is one of the most sought after aspects of internet marketing being as anyone who has a website wants people to see their content it becomes an obsession for many.

The easiest way to help increase your number of readers is the ever-present search engine optimization.  Today’s internet habits force webmasters to do everything in their power to get on the first pages of the largest search engines, some resort to the paid route but most are on a bit more of a budget.  SEO has a few keys, and most of them aren’t as hard to grasp as you may think.


There are many ways of helping build an audience for your website, some include meaningful traffic where some will just help your numbers look better.  Traffic exchange services like Traffic Surf and Traffic Generator can help give your numbers a boost but do not bring quality engaged readers to your site.  Services like Stumblupon, on the other hand can help bring interested readers to your content.


The most obvious way to build your initial following for any new internet venture is through social media.  Why not use the lists of followers and friends you already have to start the ball rolling for your website?  Facebook, Twitter and now Google + are all based around the central theme of sharing content.  These social sites are excellent ways to start a following for your website, whether your starting a sales based site, or an article driven publication style site the use of social media is a time-consuming necessary evil.

Finally the use of email as tool is often overlooked.  Most people who have been online, at least occasionally, for any length of time have built at least a small list of email contacts.  This list from a marketing perspective is priceless!  Using an email marketing campaign for your new website may be the easiest of all the previously mentioned techniques to carry out. We all know how to send an email, just be careful you don’t come off as a spammer with you messages, if you do that priceless list will be worth as much as the paper it’s not printed on.

Keep tuned into Awesome Canada for a more in-depth look at all these techniques in the rest of our series on, How to Get Free Traffic For Your Website


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