I Want to Contribute but don’t know how

So you want to contribute, but you have absolutely no idea how you can help Eh?


Don’t worry, you have already taken the first step to getting involved.  Awesome Canada is looking for volunteers to help out in all kinds of facets, and with out a doubt there is a spot for you on our team!



If you are interested in joining our dynamic team use the contact button in the bottom right corner to let us know. Simply include your name and email address where prompted. For us to help determine the best place on our team for you please send us either a copy of your resume or let us know if you have something in mind regarding a way you can get involved in the message section. That’s it, we will reply to you shortly with a few ideas that will we think will suit you.

If you have any further questions you may also use the contact button to ask them and one of our staffers will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for your interest in Awesome Canada!

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