I Want To Help With Social Media

So you want to contribute through Social Media Eh?



Awesome Canada has a number of Social Media pages that we run where we share our articles, fun Canadian stuff and interact with our fans and followers.  With the number of pages we manage the time to run them properly has become very time consuming so we are looking for some help from volunteers just like yourself.

You can help us by Sharing, Tweeting and Viewing either through you own accounts or under the Awesome Canada Umbrella.


Everyone loves Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and all the other social media outlets.  If you are reading this there is a good chance that you frequent at least one of these site anyway so why not help out your resume/portfolio while doing something you love anyway.  This can lead to a position as a full fledged member of the AC team, again helping with your resume/portfolio and making you eligible for the incentives that come along with being on our team!


If you are interested in joining our dynamic team use the contact button in the bottom right corner to let us know.  Simply include your name and email address where prompted, and let us know what social media site you are familiar in working with and how you think you could help.  That’s it, we will reply to you shortly with all the details on how you can get started making Awesome Canada social media savy.

If you have any further questions you may also use the contact button to ask them and one of our staffers will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for your interest in Awesome Canada!

Don’t forget to be social with us on  Facebook, You Tube  and Twitter!