” Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.”



Are you living your life the way you really want to? Are you doing all the things you’ve ever wanted to do? How is your bucket list coming along? When was the last time you’ve crossed off something on it? Or is a better question, when was the last time you looked at it? What is really stopping you from going on that trip to Costa Rica? Or going to that new dance studio that  just opened up? Are you living a life of fun, joy, happiness and love? If you are uncertain at the moment than continue reading and you may find the answer you are looking for to see if you are living your life FEARLESSLY.

We all have certain things that we are afraid to do but we shouldn’t let fear control our lives. Living a life filled with fear limits you from being the person you came here to be, which is a free living, adventurous, confident, out-spoken loving vibrant human being. Our true nature is one of LOVE so when we have fear within we are disconnecting from that which is our true essence. Everyday I am working on living a life solely based on love and fun.  A lot of that consists of me stepping outside of my comfort zone, I know I know but it’s so comfortable there we all seem to say to ourselves. Although it most truly is nice and safe inside our good ole comfort zone but by staying there we are stopping ourselves from experiencing all the fun life has to offer us.  I have started to understand what fear really is, it’s just an indication that what we are thinking of doing is going to be a new experience for us. As human beings we fear the unknown because we aren’t certain what is in store for us but I believe we shouldn’t fear having new adventures and trying new things but instead we should embrace it and look at it as an empowering new and exciting opportunity to grow as human beings! It takes some practice to get into this way of thinking especially growing up in a society that has the news on tv daily, but that’s were FREE WILL comes in my friends. We are creators of our own realities and by that I mean you have the choice to turn off the tv and get outside and explore the world and see it for yourself.

Feeling good is the best thing for us because that’s when we are connecting with our true selves, you know the one who is fun, adventurous, silly and witty.  So spread your wings and fly my friends and enjoy life, find what feels good to you and do what makes your heart sing. Try that new yoga class you’ve wanted to try, go to that art gallery opening, take that trip you’ve wanted to take with friends. The time is NOW because tomorrow is never promised. Live a life of  fun and love and see how many wonderful experiences will come into your life. If you are still unsure as to how  to go about starting to live your life this way, then spend some time with a young child whether it’s your niece, nephew, grandchild, son or daughter. Children are fearless and are all about having fun and trying new things. Who knows they may even help you tap back into your OWN inner child, you know the one who use to hold  caterpillars on their fingers and had a pet rock. Oh I know you had a pet rock we all did! I use to love holding ladybugs and I am getting back into that now. Especially since they seem to find me a lot.  I don’t mind ladybugs are good luck. I know you can live your life this way my friends…. you can do it! Whatever you decide to take on you will feel so proud of yourself in the long run to see how you accomplished it FEARLESSLY. So be brave and tackle it head on.  Oh and by the way I am also available for that trip to Costa Rica, I m taking my own advice. Happy exploring friends!

Love and Light.


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