The horrors that people can endure for the greater good can at times be amazing and completely unfathomable to those who have never been in such extreme circumstances, Dear Zachary does a great job covering a huge gauntlet of such emotions.

This film is a well put together piece that at times feels like an old home movie, and at others a sort of eulogy to a departed friend, but maintains the undenying undercurrent that something just isn’t right from start to finish.  Planned as a way for a murdered mans son to get to know his father  “Dear Zachary” is a truly heart wrenching tale full of surprises that at times can make one question the power of the human spirit.

The films creator Kurt Kuenne masterfully puts together this touching tribute to his best friend, Dr. Andrew Bagby and spares no emotions in the process.

Zacharys not so subtle jabs at the Canadian justice system are well founded as viewers will find out, and the calls for change shouldn’t go on deaf ears.  Give it a shot and learn a little about how resilient people can be in the face of some of the most unimaginable circumstances.

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