What would you do if your friend the local hit-man held you captive and gave you the opportunity to spend your last hour on earth as you pleased, within reason of course.  The premise behind Real Time is just that, shot in real time hit-man Reuban (Randy Quaid) gives a compulsive gambler Andy (Jay Baruchel) the chance to enjoy his last hour, before serving him the ultimate reminder that we all need our pay our debts.


Should he spend the time on hookers, going to the zoo, getting in an argument with an old boss or visiting Grandma?  No spoilers here, but the way that Canadian writter /director Randall Cole blends the time is nothing short of refreshing.


Cole has written conversations between the two main charecters (who are the only people on screen for the better part of the film) that in an almost strange way make you feel for both of them and the situation they find them self in.


Reuban takes on almost a fatherly role in trying to teach Andy about  luck, love, and choices.


The film is short at only 117 min, but it just works in every way.  The performances are believable and the story engages the viewer, there’s not much more you could ask for from a flick.




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