Pauline Marois is an extremely interesting character; she started her career as an activist for grass root organizations and was a member of the Social Democratic Party.  Today she is best known for her oppressive and anti-Canadian behaviour as Premier of Quebec.

Quebec is a four hundred year old Province that is fiercely proud of its heritage and culture, which is great but at some point French-speaking Quebecers got it in their head that while being surrounded by English-speaking people it would only be a matter of time before they were assimilated into the English language as well. Sure I guess if it makes you feel better make a department in Government whose sole job is to make sure that doesn’t happen, make sure that French as a language stays around and remains for centuries to come.

Ok so now that those insurances are in place French Canadians should be able to rest easy and breathe a sigh of sweet unoppressed freedom.  But no, having your language protected and guaranteed to be respected, even loved the Nation over,that’s not enough,  you’ve got to enforce crazy socially regressive policies that waste our time and money as Canadians.  Here’s a fact, Quebec CAN NOT separate, Native Canadian’s own a lot of the land. Not to mention it’s our biggest province, it is rich in all kinds of minerals and lumber, hydro power, not to mention the gold and diamond mines. That gorgeous province rich in our future’s resources belongs to all of us, all Canadians.  I’m sick of the recent lies and propaganda about wanting to separate, you can love your language and be proud of your culture but when you claim to be protecting rights by refusing basic rights to your own citizens then you can’t be taken seriously.  I think it’s a shame that the province I will always consider my home can’t figure out how to be “maitre chez nous” (Masters of our own house) and Canadian too. Canada is not an oppressive Country; we’ve never done anything to cause this hate.

First I must admit I am biased in the sense that my family is from Quebec and still reside there today, however they are currently in the process of moving out of the province.  It really kills me to know that in Canada of all countries my parents feel like their rights have been violated and they feel forced to move lest they continue to be fined by the “language police”.  I’m not kidding when I say that my parent’s church has been fined for committing crimes against…the French language?  Example: The sign laws in Quebec require that any English words be 50% the size of the French words, yet a French sign is not required by law to have any English translation.  Huh?

Ok I was raised in Quebec from the age of two until I moved to Toronto when I was twenty.  I want to admit I hated Toronto for the first eight years I was here, but that was only because I missed Montreal soo bad.  The culture in Montreal, the social pleasantries that are common day are not found in Toronto’s “cold city”.  That is only for the fact that Toronto is MASSIVE compared to Montreal, the people are bustling, rushed, and hardly look up, but are genuinely awesome people, just busy.  After I started to really settle in to Toronto I have to say I love it, there is no place on Earth I’d rather be, sure our Mayor is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, but that’s another story altogether.

Back to the awesomeness of Quebec… We have a “laissez faire” kind of attitude, a slower pace, we enjoy making meals as much as we enjoy eating the them, we have a drum circle that congregates on Mount Royal EVERY Sunday and ha done so for the last four decades.  Random awesome people show up, they dance and hackie sack, play Frisbee and hike, it’s beautiful.  We value mom and pop shops more than corporate box stores and actively support communities.  We are the very first to complain about any kind of oppression or threat to our freedom to education, healthcare or general awesomeness.  Who would want to leave?  Now recently when I’ve been talking to my folks, who are fierce Quebec lovers, they’re talking about how they have people coming to view the house. They’re planning to move to Prince Edward Island.  How does a church in an English-speaking community get fined for practicing their religion in their first language?

This crazy racist madness has to stop.  It is so contrary to our beliefs and  The Canadian Charter of Human Rights that as s that it literally betrays us all.  The Quebec government wastes so much of our time (not to mention money) with their illegal threats of separation.  I propose we hold them accountable for their hate mongering and unpatriotic conduct.  Starting with Pauline Marois, she is a traitor and should be treated as one.  She should not be permitted to represent one of Canada’s most beautiful and historic provinces.

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