RCMP Warns the Public about some Mobile Application Features that Could Pose Risk to Personal Safety

With the holiday season upon us there are undoubtedly many kids who have a mobile device on their wish list.

While mobile applications (apps) can be a fun way to stay in touch with friends or meet new ones, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Ontario is warning the public of some mobile application features that have the potential to be used by adult offenders to take advantage of our young people

As apps change frequently and are often re-released with new names and features it is difficult for parents to keep up with a list of all apps their kids may be using.  To help parents stay informed on the changing apps, Civilian Member Jean Turner and Constable Aaron Sheedy have put together a general overview entitled Mobile Applications: Five Questions Parents Can Ask to Keep Kids Safe! The article explains how some of the popular apps work and what risks their use may have to personal safety.

The list goes like this

  1. What is the purpose of the app?
  2. Does the app take or share photos, video or audio?
  3. Is the app tracking location information? If so Why?
  4. Does the app attempt to be anonymous or secretive?
  5. Follow the money: Is the app free? Will the app require money or pay money to the user?

Read the full article for all the details. Remember, young people are more apt to report potential dangers or issues if you have had routine conversations about technology and online safety.

Visit internet safety for more valuable resources including, presentations, handouts, self-assessment and interactive learning tools.

If you are concerned that your child is being exploited or the subject of potentially illegal or inappropriate material contact your local police or report online at Canada’s national tip line at Cybertip.ca

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