Making your Halloween celebration a memorable one does not necessarily imply that you must spend more than you can afford. It is a fact that the expenses of Halloween can be surprisingly immense. Having to buy Halloween costumes, candy, special accessories and decorations, all these can quickly add up to become far bigger than your budget.

The good new is, that there are many ways to spend moderately and save money while you still enjoy your Halloween to the fullest.

Lets have a look at some of the ways by which you can bring the cost down and still have a great Halloween celebration.


Do It Yourself Costumes – You can save a lot on costumes by doing it yourself using things you already have around the house. You might be able to get cardboard pieces, makeup materials, props and clothing materials just by looking in your kid’s closets and even yours.

You can also save money by swapping costumes with your friends. Yes, kids only wear these costumes once or twice and then they want another one. You just might be able to find parents with whom you can swap costumes and voilà, you have something different for the kids.

Another great way to bring down the cost of costumes is by skipping the face masks. Instead of face masks, you can go for face paints which is both safer and cheaper than masks, especially if you already have products you can use in the house.

Food and Treats

Ok, so just how exactly do you save money on food for your Halloween celebration?
Well, let me begin by reminding you of the fact that the main attraction on Halloween for both kids and adults alike is candy. So you might want to consider bringing down the cost by sticking to finger foods with just a little freaky flair instead of going all-out on a meal.

Buy Halloween candy from a warehouse club – You can save money by buying your Halloween candy in bulk from a warehouse club and even avoid the stress of having to make multiple trips to the grocery store. Just pick up a few mixed bag varieties to give your trick-or-treaters plenty of options.

You can entertain the kids by organizing a Donut-Eating contest, Just grab a dozen donuts at your grocery store bakery, attach each to a long dowel with a piece of string. Then instruct the kids to try to eat the hanging donut without hands while two adults hold the dowel horizontally. This will definitely keep them occupied for some time and it is also fun.

Getting your house appropriately decorated during Halloween is definitely a must if you want everyone to have a splendid experience.It can also become very costly, very quickly. You can save money by making the decor by yourself at home instead of buying.

Take some toilet paper rolls lying around and make them into spooky decorations by cutting two slits (for the “eyes”) lengthwise into each tube, then slide in a colored glow stick. You can then position the eyes in your garden or front yard so it looks like creepy creatures are peering through the plants at unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

Save money by buying only cheap Pumpkins – Instead of buying from pumpkin farms, buy your pumpkins at the grocery store. You will save money and skip another unnecessary expense.

Swap out light bulbs – You can set the tone of your home or Halloween party cheaply by purchasing a few colored light bulbs and then screw them into your usual light fixtures to create a wash of creepy color. You can use a mixture of blue, yellow, red and green colored ones.

You can also turn your front door into a spooky monster by using just a few colorful strips. You can get the kids to cut out hair, eyes, nose and a mouth and then tape them onto your front door.

Now that your ready to have a great Halloween and save a few bucks, get out and enjoy the creepiest of holidays!

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