A recent article on the Travel and Escape website listed Vancouver as the third-highest ranking spot for food trucks in North America, making it at the top of the foodie chain when it comes to food trucks in Canada.

Yolk's Food Truck

Yolk’s Food Truck

Trucks of all colours with distinct smells waft down the most popular work and tourist streets of Downtown Vancouver. During peak lunch hours, men in suits and women in heels join tourists from around the world outside these food trucks to grab lunch. Although, at the most popular food trucks in the city, the lines can be a bit much if you only have a few minutes to spare. Suss out the scene and take a quick look at the menu and the line before deciding where to go. The decision may be harder than it sounds with many food trucks only a couple blocks from each other. Do you want shawarma, Salvadoran food, perhaps perogies, or maybe just a soup if you’re not absolutely famished? Many food trucks have portions big enough for lunch and dinner if you’re not that hungry, or are pinching pennies.

With the sunshiny days and heat-filled nights upon us, the night markets in Vancouver have also started up again, meaning more food trucks are staying open for longer hours. The Richmond Night Market & International Summer Night Market, as well as the North Van Night Market all boast a variety of street vendors and food truck options for the foodie-at-heart.

Mr. Shawarma Food Truck

Mr. Shawarma Food Truck

Vancouver has over 100 food trucks operating this summer and with the useful app Street Food App Vancouver, which is a handy tool to let you know exactly where all the food trucks in Vancouver are located and their hours of operation, it’s hard not to get out there and explore the different cuisine that Vancouver has to offer.


A friend and I have taken it into our own hands to check out the food truck situation and have started a food truck blog, Food Truckery, which details our experiences at different food trucks around Vancouver. But, don’t just take it from me, get out there and see what the fuss is all about!

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