Awesome Canada’s first Go Ahead, ask a Stupid Question is….. is poutine a meal or a side dish?

This is not exactly the kind of question that a ton of book research can solve, so our team was left to resort to conducting our own polls and interviews to come up with a definitive  answer.  So what did we find out?

Whether the respondents leaned towards the meal or the side option one thing was clear, Canadians love them some poutine.  The response to our inquiries was somewhat overwhelming and the passion Canadians showed when talking about the beloved dish was obvious.  Of the hundreds of people we had contact with only one responded that they did not like poutine, and I’m still not entirely sure they weren’t joking.

When speaking of the gravy soaked french fry dish there was two more things that became obvious, cheese curds are a must for any self-respecting poutine creator, and that the quality of the gravy is probably the most important aspect of how the final product is welcomed by your taste buds.

“A good quality gravy is the first place to start when finding the perfect ingredients for a top-notch poutine” George Blenton, a chef with over 20 years experience told Awesome Canada.

While many suggested that the real answer to our “stupid question” depended on the size of the portion the far and away winner was that poutine is a…..meal.

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