Walmart Canada announced a brand new product in the Canadian market – the Great Value Mint-X Raccoon repellent garbage bag.

“Taking your trash to the curb only to find the bag shredded by a raccoon and your garbage strewn all over the place is not exactly how we like to start the day,” said Sandra Farwell, vice president of private brands at Walmart Canada. “Most of the time we’re careful and make sure the garbage can is secured…but every once in a while, the crafty little critters manage to crack the lid and settle in for a feast of chicken bones, vegetable peelings and other delicacies.”

Well, the days of desperation are over! Walmart Canada is proud to be the only retailer in Canada to offer the Great Value Mint-X raccoon repellent garbage bag.

“We’re very pleased to be providing our customers with a safe and innovative solution to what is often a very frustrating situation,” added Ms Farwell. “The Great Value Mint-X bag is one of those products that just makes sense.”

Developed in partnership with Mint-X and Walmart Canada’s Great Value private label team, the Great Value Mint-X garbage bag comes in two formats – 30, 70 litre bags and 20, 121 litre bags, both $6.97 and now available at Walmart stores across Canada.

“It’s exciting to see the expansion of our Mint-X solution in the Canadian market,” said Jeff Dussich, Chief Operating Officer, Mint-X. “Mint-X bags are already being used across the U.S., from New York to Los Angeles and they are proven to be effective, even against the toughest raccoons in North America.”

The secret

Mint has long been a home remedy for keeping rodents out of gardens, so the key was to incorporate the smell of mint into the trash bags. Olfactory cues are much keener in rodents than in humans and so much more important to their survival. A rodent’s nasal cavity is comprised of 50% olfactory tissue compared to only 5% for humans.  For this reason the mint scent is extremely irritating to rodents, while appealing and refreshing to humans.

Great Value Mint-X bags are proven effective at repelling rodents because an all natural, mint scented fragrance that is added to the plastic during the manufacturing process. In a study conducted by the University of Maryland, School of Medicine Comparative Medicine Program in 2011, two bags are placed in a test area over a seven day period, one Mint-X bag and one standard untreated bag, both filled with standardized food. In this test, the Mint-X bag proved 100% repellence of raccoons, while the non-Mint-X bags were penetrated 67% of the time.


SOURCE: Walmart Canada

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