Muskoka is absolutely packed to the brim with all sorts of wonderful activities to partake in. Here we are going to take a little look at some of the more popular of them. Of course, whilst you are wandering around the area, it is likely that you will stumble across a whole host of other things which catch your attention. But I digress, here are Awesome Canada’s recommended must do’s.





When it comes to areas for cycling in Ontario, Muskoka is one of the best. It has a number of trails, fantastic roads, and gorgeous looks. One of the best places to cycle is Arrowhead Provincial Park. You can also head to Georgian Bay Island. You will be able to rent a bike onsite. This is, of course, incredibly handy if you didn’t bring one with you.



Tree trekking



Muskoka’s forests are beautiful. Why not see them from above? With tree trekking, you will be travelling through the canopy of the forest (in an harness, of course). There are a couple of different locations throughout Muskoka. Research beforehand to ensure that you are heading somewhere wonderful and to your budget.



Historic Steamship



The RMS Segwun steamship is an icon in Muskoka. It is actually the oldest in-operation steamship in North America. It is a great way to explore the area and it is something a touch unique which the whole family can enjoy.



Muskoka Breweries


If you love your alcohol, then you are going to love heading to the various craft breweries and wineries in the area. Some of them even offer tastings! Again, this is something that you are going to want to research beforehand in order to ensure that you find the perfect place to head to.




Art Galleries



There are a number of art galleries in Muskoka, many of them fairly small, mainly catering to showcasing artwork of local artists. This is a great way to spend a bit more of a ‘relaxing’ day.



Alonquin Provincial Park



This is actually a fantastic place to head anyway. However, you really should be heading here on a Thursday night in August. People gather to ‘howl’. The idea is to encourage the wolves in the area to howl back. You will need to book your trip in advance as places are going to fill up rather quickly.



Muskoka Heritage Place



This location will take you back to what life would have been like in the 1800s here. You will get a decent history lesson whilst having fun at the same time. Children seem to love this area a lot. Most do not even realize that they are learning!



Syrup tapping




There are a number of tours which will allow you to tap maple trees for syrup. This is a brilliant trip for foodies.




Now get out and discover one of Canada’s true gems.  Explore Musoka, once discovered, never forgotten.

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