There is just so much to do in Saskatchewan, it is actually hard to know where to begin. One thing is for sure, if you are heading on a vacation here, you are going to have a TON of fun. The places on this page are regarded as some of the best attractions.

Prince Albert National Park

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If you love unspoiled landscapes, then this is the place in Saskatchewan that you want to be. A number of animals call this park home. A trip here will have you see coyote, lynx, black bear, eagles, and elk, to name but a few. There are a number of trails to walk along here, so it is a brilliant place to head if you are after a bit of an ‘adventure break’.

Fort Walsh National Historic Site


This fort was built to help prevent illegal whiskey trade. Thousands of Sioux came here near the end of the 1800s after clashing with the United States cavalry. The site was dismantled shortly afterwards, but since it has been declared as a historical site, it is going through a period of reconstruction to ensure that it looks as close as possible to the ‘original’.

RCMP Heritage Centre

There are a number of pieces of equipment and the like on display here. A number of parades occur nearby each year, many of which are rooted in British military tradition. They are actually quite a sight to behold and the perfect thing to feast your eyes upon if you are in Saskatchewan at the time.



This city can be found along the South Saskatchewan River. There are a number of different attractions here. Many of them are to celebrate the heritage of this area. This means a museum dedicated to the first Prairies residents, a museum dedicated to European heritage (Ukrainian Museum of Canada) and a rather fabulous museum which has a reconstructed main street known as ‘Boomtown 1910’ which shows what the area was like way back then.



For those who prefer art attractions, then Regina is the place to head. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum and Mackenzie Art Gallery are particular highlights here. Although, to be honest, since this is quite a big centre, it is just wonderful wandering around the place and seeing all of the beautiful buildings.

Batoche National Historic Site


This is where the Métis called their headquarters during the 1885 Northwest Rebellion. It is also where the rebellion came to an end. You can actually still see many bullet holes from the battle around the area. There are a number of cemeteries to look at, as well as a couple of museums which showcase just how important this place was to the development of Saskatchewan.

Remember, this is just a small smattering of things to see and do in Saskatchewan. If you are here, you will certainly never be short of things to keep you entertained, particularly if you love to explore the natural history or heritage of a particular area.

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