The idea of a press kit has been in existence for a very long time. It has been a very useful tool that has served people effectively for years. In this article, we will take a look at why entertainers and in fact everyone, should have an electronic press kit and some of the most important things to include. An explanation of what an electronic press kit is exactly is coming don’t worry but first, you should probably know what a plain old press kit is. A press kit itself, is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company or organisation, distributed to people for promotional purposes. Often used by musicians to announce the release of a new album and by others, for a news conference and so on.

Hence, an electronic press kit is nothing more than a press kit but in an electronic form. Being in an electronic form makes it easier to distribute. The two most popular forms are either a website page, or a PDF document, it can bein the form of  a CD, DVD, Video or Audio cassette, or flash drive but they are much more expensive to produce and hence not as common..

An electronic press kit makes it easy for people in the press to find information about you by making a lot of information about you available in just one source, encouraging them to cover you and your music or business. Imagine being a reporter and having to go to all your social media sites and your website just to get something to write about you, they may not even bother. But presenting them with a professional kit saves them potentially hours of research and increases your chance for coverage.

What should you include in your EPK? Let’s have a look…

First on the list  is what I like to refer to as a set of One-Sheet PDF Documents – This can contain the following:

A short biography – This should be a compact piece that presents a brief summary of your biography, it will be a very quick read to anyone and can also be printed quickly on the go.

A list – either of song on your Album, key points about your company or whatever your EPK is for. This is very important and helpful, as it gives a sort of overview about what you’re trying to promote.

Cover letter – This should be a pre-written letter that can be quickly downloaded, edited and printed to accompany a CD when giving to radio stations or other interested individuals.

Press reviews and interviews – This is a kind of “make yourself known” thing and it helps to establish credibility.

A few questions and answers – This will definitely answer some common questions and give specific information about you. Pre-done Q&A’s can really work for you if a reporter is in a rush and doesn’t have tome to wait for a quote

The following are also good to be included though it is not a must to include all of them, just what you have available, but make sure your kit has enough to give a total stranger all the information about you want them to know.

Show poster art

Music clips

High resolution press photos

Tour dates

Promotional videos

Website and Social Media links

Musical lyrics

Contact information *Very Important*

High resolution photos or images of key executives, the company logo, products, etc.

If you’re in the market for a Press or Media kit have a chat with our friends at My Epress Kit, and they’ll be sure to help you out.

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