While welcoming the debate on transit investment, many Toronto residents as well as retailers in the city are deeply concerned with a flawed parking tax recommendation contained in the Metrolinx report tabled today, said the Retail Council of Canada (RCC).

“Retailers understand the pressing need for investment in transit and transportation, on which we all rely for efficient movement of our customers, employees and goods,” said Diane J. Brisebois, President & CEO of RCC.  “Where we part company with the Metrolinx report is on the suggestion of a new property tax on parking spots, which would be certain to hurt Ontario consumers,” added Brisebois.

The parking tax proposal is flawed in several respects, including an ill-defined description of how it would operate.  It would fall disproportionately on retail merchants, relative to other business enterprises.  Retailers, in turn, would have little option but to pass these costs on in the form of higher retail prices and these higher prices would affect all purchases of groceries and general merchandise by the consumer.

“A tax on free parking spaces is just another form of property tax and would ultimately affect all consumers alike, whether they drive, take transit or walk to the store,” said RCC Senior Vice-President, David Wilkes. “It would be a double-whammy for consumers, over and above Metrolinx proposed 1% sales tax increase,” Wilkes noted.

This is just the latest attempt by government to grab a little extra cash from the previously “un-taxed”.  Where will it end?  Is there a tax on breathable in the future?  As Canadians we need to make our opinions heard and stop the insane, seemingly never ending taxation by all levels of government.

How can you be heard?  Contact your local MP,MPP, or City Counselor and let them know how you feel about the sky high taxes you and your family pay, and how it affects your life.  Remember, these people work for you!  Speak up Canada,

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